The ADCO Group

The ADCO Group.
  • the renting of all products. From the toilet cabin, the luxury sanitary container, through to the diverse products of rooming containers, including accessories.
  • support with the planning, logistics and the organization.
  • complete service by means of our transport and service vehicles, sale of storage, exhibition, office and other rooming containers for special operations. 



  • automotive engineering: vnvention of service vehicles, especially for special purposes. In particular for Toi Toi & Dixi transport fleet.
  • plastic technology: The development and production of toilet cabins as well as various products out of polyethylene by rotation moulding. 



  • the setting-up and support of EDV infrastructure for the ADCO group.
  • dialogue service center
  • Toi Track: software for the administration of the sanitary objects at the various locations. GPS supported navigation system to help the service drivers plan the optimum tour routes
  • customer information services



  • Support of Military Units with mobile Sanitary, Logistics and Support solutions as well as Life Support
  • Setup and building of mobile containers for storage, living and sanitation for military and humanitarian Projects
  • Support, Custodial and Disposal Solutions
  • Facility Management and various Personnel Services