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Modular construction for a school in Schwalbach am Taunus

Start of construction: November 2020 / completion: March 2021

2-storey annex for the use of 4 group rooms, bistro with kitchen for 80 children, staff rooms, sanitary rooms

Purchase by the customer

Module construction for elementary school

The perfect room solution from the expert

The Geschwister Scholl Elementary School in Schwalbach am Taunus suffered from massive space problems to accommodate the students. A solution had to be found urgently. HORI Bauservice GmbH, a company of the TOI TOI & DIXI Group, specializes in the professional construction of modular buildings and was exactly the right partner for this request. On the school's property, between two existing buildings and a road, a coherent two-story container facility in modular construction was created that will be used by the OGS of the elementary school in the future. Due to the tight space conditions, very precise work was required here.

Full service - here nothing is left to chance.

The contract included the manufacture, delivery and professional installation of the plant, including appropriate equipment and was handed over to the customer after a construction period of only a few months turnkey. When the contract was awarded, it was clear that the modular building would have to meet all the requirements of the Hessian building code and the school building guidelines for an intended use of at least 10 years: It should achieve a high standard of use and environmental protection. In practice, this means that the rooms should have a high level of comfort. At the same time, specifications such as low energy consumption and minimized pollutant emissions had to be taken into account for the building concept. For the container and modular construction experts at HORI Bauservice GmbH, this was a matter of course. Thus, the entire building was equipped with windows with insulating glazing and shutters and energy-saving LED interior lighting.

Rooms that leave nothing to be desired.

In the thoughtful concept, a bistro with a "Cook & Chill" kitchen was created on the first floor of the facility, which in the future will be available to the 80 children of the OGS and where everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy spending their time. The first floor also offers space for a supply and staff room, a technical room, and sanitary facilities for the children and staff, including a barrier-free WC. The installations in the sanitary area were precisely adapted to the needs of the children and the WCs and washing facilities were installed at the appropriate height. Four large group rooms are located on the upper floor, offering the children plenty of space to organize their free time. A staff room with a kitchenette, a storage room and a utility room are also located on the upper floor. The two floors are connected by a galvanized steel exterior staircase and an interior stairwell.

Safety always has top priority.

When equipping the premises, all specifications were taken into account, which must be complied with when children are cared for in day care facilities. For our experts, this is part of the daily business. In addition to the development and implementation of a fire protection concept with detailed escape and rescue plan, as well as the installation of a fire alarm system, all requirements such as a heating system with heat pump or ventilation were also realized. The performance of HORI Bauservice GmbH naturally also included the provision of various verifications such as heat or sound insulation. Nothing was left to chance here, so that the children are well accommodated and can feel completely comfortable there.

Modular construction for an elementary school in Schwalbach am Taunus

Long term space solution from the expert
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HORI Bauservice GmbH