Drinking Water Tank

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No Waterpipe? No Problem! In need of drinking water. Well you are at the right place because of our stainless steel tanks (acc to DIN 2001-2 regulations). There is no problem when the necessary infrastructure is not there because we offer trouble-free supplies in catering marquees, mobile kitchens, snack stands, food stands, shower containers or shower facilities in all sizes.

With the coming into force of the drinking water regulation (TrinkwV 2001) from November 2010 and the issuing of DIN 2001/2 (the supplying of drinking water from non-stationary equipment), the standards now set for the production and operating of temporary water supply systems has drastically increased.

Our many years of experience in working with the mobile water supply network is a guarantee that we’ll always meet the strict obligations given for the rigorous hygienic standards.

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