Basic Line Plus Toilet Container Women/Men

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The New Space-Saving Miracle. The achievements of the Toilet Container Women/Men from the Basic Line are truly a marvel when considering that this is all within an area of 15 m². 

It is near to impossible to fit more in such a confined area whilst still maintaining the comfort. And all of this in the framework of the given measurements and sticking to work and safety regulations. This is proof, beyond doubt that the new space-saving miracle from the Basic Line of TOI® TOI® & DIXI® that we are way ahead of our competitors. The sturdy container doesn't just function at its optimum, but rather with the new colour scheme and lighting concept pleasant and welcoming. For navigation the external colours serve as a quick guide as to which is the men's or women's toilet. The interior you'll find the white walls and the dirt-resistant grey flooring, giving the feeling of hygiene and cleanliness. 

The space here used is fully optimized. The advantage to you? Excellent value for money. The water-saving fixtures, which look not just after your pocket, but also the environment. The concealed water pipes are protected from damage thus simplifying the process when the cabins are being cleaned.

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