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Practical showering. Our Shower-Container Maxi is the perfect solution for events where quick supply and many sanitary units are the norm. Positioned are twenty-foot standard containers with 16 showers available.

The principle of our Maxi-Container is quite simple. You enter one of the units through a corridor in which eight sanitary units are situated on each side. A canvas porch protects the visitor from the wind and weather, as well as prying eyes.

The showers are divided by the gender. Each shower cabin has its own locking system, and offers enough room for the visitor to receive their privacy. In addition to the showers, provision is also made for wash basins, mirrors and cloak hooks. In order to deliver warm water, an external heating system is connected to the container. Thus guaranteeing constant hot water for your thousands of guests.

Very often our customers are in need of many toilets or showers in a small area. Thereby, we have developed a special space-saving, flexible and quick system. By an optimal transporting-capacity of of up thirty-two toilets/showers, we are able to put them into operation all in one go.

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