Basic Line Toilet Container Maxi

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From 0 to 32. When it comes to our Toilet Container Maxi, we have thought of everything. Every toilet is equipped with a small wash basin, soap dispenser and a mirror. It is especially possible to divide the entrance way into male and female.

Our WC-/Shower-Container Maxi is the perfect solution for events where quick supply and many sanitary units are the norm. Positioned are twenty-foot standard containers with 16 toilets or showers available. The principle of our Maxi-Container is quite simple. You enter one of the units through a corridor in which eight sanitary units are situated on each side. A canvas porch protects the visitor from the wind and weather, as well as prying eyes.

Very often our customers are in need of many toilets or showers in a small area. Thereby, we have developed a special space-saving, flexible and quick system. By an optimal transporting-capacity of of up thirty-two toilets/showers, we are able to put them into operation all in one go.

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