Premium Line „Private Bathroom“

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Mobile 5 Star Luxury. This Sanitary Container sets a standard that has never been set before. For top-class music events, company do, or for the private celebration such as a wedding. Every guest who uses this deluxe bath has every reason to feel “very important”.

The Premium-Line “Private Bathroom” offers the same aesthetics and comfort that one is used to at first-class hotels. Valuable to the minute detail, with all the technical amenities, heated or air-conditioned. It goes further than the norm.

The shower fittings have a noble design, so do all other sanitary components. You have an immediate sense of well-being. The comfortable broad wash basin with illuminated mirror, shaving/make-up mirror, electrical socket. All your wishes have been met. With integrated HDTV (1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolutions), with DVB signal and Blue-Ray Player ensures for constant entertainment. The dimmable ceiling lights caps off the perfect picture.

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