Toilet Wagons.
Comfort-Toilets on Wheels – An Ideal Combination of Design and Functionality.

TOI® now self-sufficient WC-trailer

Freedom has a new name: TOI now. No electricity cables, no water connections and no sewage disposal – just the best location for your celebrations.

The standalone TOI now toilet wagon is flexible, energy-efficient and the perfect solution for any location that cannot offer utility connections. Quick to install anywhere, this toilet wagon is ready for use in no time at all.

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ECO WC-Trailer S

Perfection on 4.4 sq m.

The smallest solution for great expectations: compact, manoeuvrable and all ready for use anywhere fast. The ECO WC-Trailer S also provides the user comfort you would expect from TOI® TOI®: in addition to wall-mounted WCs, there’s even room for a urinal!

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ECO WC-Trailer M

Comfort toilet wagon.

Step into an ECO WC-Trailer M, and you can clearly see that it’s the ideal combination of comfort and functionality. Its strong points: it requires very little space while accommodating full facilities. For everyone who refuses to compromise on comfort and hygiene.

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ECO WC-Trailer L

Luxury on wheels

As of now, luxury is coming to you on wheels. Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury with the ECO WC-Trailer L. The perfect combination of design, comfort and functionality, aesthetically pleasing and featuring great attention to detail, it is the ideal solution for everyone who wants more.

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ECO WC-Trailer XL

Size crazy

The ECO WC-Trailer XL is an absolute space wonder – and it can also do more than the others. It comes with a surprising special highlight: a variable dividing wall that allows the number of WC cubicles inside the women’s compartment to be increased, as required.

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