TOI® now self-sufficient WC-trailer

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Freedom has a new name: TOI now. No electricity cables, no water connections and no sewage disposal – just the best location for your celebrations.

The standalone TOI now toilet wagon is flexible, energy-efficient and the perfect solution for any location that cannot offer utility connections. Quick to install anywhere, this toilet wagon is ready for use in no time at all.

Integrated fresh and service water tanks ensure a constant supply of water without connections for fresh or waste water. The solar panel installed on the roof supplies the batteries of the toilet wagon with power, even after several days without sunshine. There really isn’t a more environmentally friendly WC-trailer than the TOI® now. 

Thanks to resource-saving technologies, the TOI® now WC-trailer uses minimal amounts of water, as well as disinfected, recirculated water to flush the toilets. Once installed, it is immediately ready for use. The service water tank holds 150 litres of water for the first few uses after installation. The sterility of the rinse water has been officially confirmed by an environmental institute.

Hygiene is also a top priority here, with a 125-litre fresh water tank ensuring the wash basins are always supplied with fresh water.

Power consumption has also been optimised for the toilet wagon. Intelligent motion sensors switch the interior lighting on and off as required.

The interior fittings of the TOI® now WC-trailer boast maximum comfort in the most confined of spaces. High-quality surfaces and sanitary objects, along with pleasant lighting and a sophisticated wood-look flooring, also meet the requirements of more demanding guests.

A further advantage to the TOI® now? It is also suitable for anyone wishing to collect it themselves. The trailer can be transported without a problem by any car with a trailer coupling. There are then only a few steps to follow before the trailer is quickly installed at the location of your choice.

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