Full Service at events


  • the planning, disassembling, itinerary, feasibility check, calculations, development of orientation signs, project management, site visits with accompanying officials, obtaining all permits for the event organizer

Cleaning of Sanitary Equipment:

  • Expert cleaning personnel for own, mobile and external toilets
  • 24 hour cleaning service


  • maintenance of toilet equipment including collecting toilet fee


  • cash boxes
  • entrance channeling
  • exhibition container
  • temporary barriers and safety fences

Event Area:

  • segregation of waste
  • certified waste disposal works

Total Service:

  • comprehensive mains work with the necessary equipment, generators, drinking water and sewage all from one source

All What You Need:

  • distributor, ramps, sheet coverings, floor tiles, pumps …

Sewage Disposal:

  • by customers or our own sewage tanks or cesspools
  • certified waste disposal works

Drinking Water Management:

  • well-trained specialist staff experts ensure that the assembling, disassembling and maintenance is properly carried out. Whether the drinking water comes from the mains or from the tanks that have been delivered.
  • delivery and professional assembling of all the necessary utensils, such as; drinking water pipes, booster pumps, dosing equipment for disinfection, closed circular pipelines, temporary heating and mobile hot water emersion heaters


  • to and from transport as well as disposal with service vehicles