Full Service for the Construction Industry.

With over 35 years experience in construction, we offer our customers security.

We advise you from:

  • the amount, type and features of the necessary products (according to workplace regulations)
  • to mains connections possibilities
  • to cost optimization 
  • to expert solutions


  • We will support you in the setting up of the site and cleaning maintenance

Structural work:

  • cleanly swept at handover due to TOI TOI & DIXI
  • refuse is sorted and then disposed of (certified disposal works)

Maintenance cleaning:

  • cleaning staff take care of your sanitary and rooming container on the construction site

Sewage Disposal:

  • by means of your own sewage pumping units or cesspools 
  • certified waste disposal works

Drinking Water Management:

  • well-trained experts ensuring the assembling, disassembling and maintenance whether the drinking water comes from the mains or from the delivery of own tanks. 
  • delivery and the expert assembling of all necessary utensils, such as: drinking water pipes, pressure-elevating pumps, dosing plants for disinfectants, circuit systems and standing heaters

Total Service:

  • all connector works with the necessary material, generators, drinking water and sewage water all from one source.

All What You Need:

  • distributor, ramps, cover sheets, floor tiles, pumps ...

Production and Maintenance:

  • repair services
  • extensions, conversion, interior renovation of own container or external container 
  • positioning of container equipment


  • transport to and from. Disposal with own services vehicles