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For users or more, you need hand wash stations according to BG BAU recommendations. We therefore recommend toilet cabins with hand wash basins. Please contact us for your personal offer.
From users you need according to BG BAU recommendation . We therefore recommend the selection of a container. Please contact us for your personal offer.
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Virussymbol Improved hygiene
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Personal hygiene measures

On the safe side: With the right products for your hygiene concept


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Hand washing

Hand washing is one of the most important and easiest steps to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

The right hygiene concept from TOI TOI & DIXI for your project

TOI TOI & DIXI provides you with competent and reliable support in implementing the current recommendations of the BG Bau for employee and hygiene protection measures. Secure the ongoing operation of your construction site now with comprehensive hygiene and infection protection measures and reduce the risk for your employees.

With TOI TOI & DIXI, your professional service provider for hygiene on the construction site, you are on the safe side.

Take the right hygiene measures now and inform here:

Cleaning and surface disinfection

Cleanliness, thoroughness and safety: TOI TOI & DIXI always has hygiene in mind

Hygiene hat oberste Priorität! Schützen Sie Ihre Baustelle vor dem coronabedingten Lockdown und sorgen Sie für zusätzliche Sicherheit mit dem richtigen Hygiene-Konzept.

Als Profi für das Thema Reinheit beraten wir Sie umfassenden und entwickeln mit Ihnen ein Konzept für die richtige Hygiene, dass passgenau auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist und auch alle behördlichen Vorgaben berücksichtigt.

Jetzt die richtigen Hygiene-Maßnahmen ergreifen und hier informieren:

Laws, guidelines and certifications

Every workplace requires compliance with rules to protect employees. For this to succeed, it is of particular importance to have a trustworthy partner at your side who knows the ropes. We provide you with the right assistance so that you are optimally prepared.

Contact us directly! Contact us directly!
BG Bau

Protect the operation of your construction site and the health of your employees. With the right hygiene concept from the specialist TOI TOI & DIXI, you lay an important foundation stone and convince BG Bau at the next inspection with the required equipment and hygiene on your construction site. We advise you comprehensively so that hygiene and cleanliness do not remain just an empty phrase. You can find a brief guide from BG BAU on compliance with spatial and hygienic requirements on construction sites during the coronavirus pandemic here:

> Quick guide BG BAU

GHD seal

Tested hygiene & disinfection: Our sanitary containers are hygienically disinfected and tested before and after use. Our trained specialist personnel carry out these cleanings according to firmly defined specifications. Regular sampling ensures a high level of hygiene. On request, we can provide a 24-hour stand-by cleaning service to ensure cleanliness and take care of replenishing consumables. We provide the service you need on site.


Trust in a certified and safe partner! TOI TOI & DIXI is a state-certified waste disposal company and also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. With us, the professional and environmentally sound disposal of wastewater is guaranteed. We work to the highest quality standards so that you, the customer, receive the service and performance you expect from an expert in cleanliness and hygiene.

Child's play and indispensable: hand washing.

Whether private house construction or mega construction site: TOI TOI & DIXI offers the right solution for every size to ensure hygiene and cleanliness by hand washing with soap. You have the choice between the comfortably equipped TOI® WATER toilet cubicle with integrated hand wash basin and soap and paper towel dispenser or a variety of our functional sanitary containers, all of which have wash basins. Offer your employees not only comfort, but also sufficient protection and safety.

Now find the suitable product with hand washing solution:


When it comes to cleaning, no one can fool us in a hurry! TOI TOI & DIXI is your reliable partner when it comes to cleanliness. Careful and thorough cleaning is part of our daily business. Our trained professional cleaning staff takes great care to ensure that our products are cleaned properly and conscientiously and that you get the hygiene you expect. Whether weekly cleaning or on request multiple cleaning per week, with us you get the service interval that fits exactly into your hygiene concept.

Surface disinfection

It must be something more? No problem! With surface disinfection, which you can book for all our products, we set an example in the field of hygiene. The disinfection of surfaces, such as in the small interior of a toilet cubicle or on large surfaces of a sanitary or room & office container, offers you additional safety against viruses or bacteria. Take advantage of this additional service and play it safe so that your employees are protected and stay healthy.

Disinfect hands

Lunch break, going to the toilet or sharing tools - essential before and after: disinfecting hands. By using TOI® CARE, the mobile hand disinfection dispenser, you take your responsibility for your employees seriously. Easy positioning in front of entrances and exits, as well as a perfect addition in front of our toilet cabins or sanitary and room containers. Get even more hygiene and cleanliness with our latest invention: TOI® WATER UP. Our most comfortable toilet cabin convinces besides many advantages, also with hand wash basin and integrated hand disinfection dispenser. Here no wishes remain open. Hand disinfection dispensers can also be installed in every toilet cubicle at the customer's request. Use this additional equipment and respond to increased hygiene requirements.

Shower & washing facilities

For every application and in different sizes

Showers belong on every major construction site and provide additional hygiene

Find the right shower solution

For more than 10 employees on a construction site, the BG Bau recommends the installation of at least one shower facility. Therefore, ensure more hygiene and comfort for your employees now and find the solution that meets your requirements at TOI TOI & DIXI. Choose between containers with comfortable shower and wash facilities or our combi-containers, which offer you shower, toilet and washbasin in one. These hygienic complete sanitary solutions are ideal even in the most confined spaces.

Find the right shower solution now:

Wastewater disposal

Whether large or small: Benefit now from TOI TOI & DIXI Full Service
Contact us directly! Contact us directly!
Certified disposal

At TOI TOI & DIXI, you receive all services from a single source. Wastewater disposal is also part of our full service. It does not matter whether only the wastewater of a toilet cubicle or much larger volumes have to be disposed of. We are prepared for everything. As a certified waste management company, we dispose of wastewater strictly in accordance with official regulations. Hygiene is a priority for your construction site and we take care of the rest.


- Hand basin
- WC & Urinal
- Lockable to avoid external use


- 1 Shower
- 2 Washbasin
- 1 WC
- 1 Urinal


- 4 Toilets
- 3 Urinals
- 3 Washbasin


- Contactless use by foot pump
- Large tank volume
- Tilt protection due to low center of gravity


- Hand basin
- WC & Urinal
- Hand disinfection dispenser
- LED light & fan
- Lockable to avoid external use

Das passende Hygiene-Konzept von TOI TOI & DIXI für Ihr Projekt

TOI TOI & DIXI unterstützt Sie kompetent und zuverlässig bei der Umsetzung der aktuellen Empfehlungen der BG Bau für Mitarbeiter- und Hygieneschutzmaßnahmen.

Jetzt die richtigen Hygiene-Maßnahmen ergreifen und hier informieren:

For more hygiene on the construction site

- Effective supplement to hand washing
- With TOI® PROTECT PRO (highly effective hand disinfectant lotion)
- Service included
- Meets the increased hygiene requirements