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For us, sustainability begins with the development of products and services. This applies to all three action areas that belong to this pillar: hygiene, production, and research and development. Thanks to our commitment to hygiene, we are making a major contribution to preventive healthcare – including in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We manufacture, recycle, and refurbish long-life, sustainable products in-house. Our production is supported by the people in our research and development team, who are constantly optimizing our existing products and services and developing pioneering new solutions for the future.


We are aware that our business model requires us to make a significant contribution to protecting our environment. For this reason, we are investing in effective measures to quantify and analyze our environmental footprint across all of our business activities. We aim to minimize the impacts of our activities by exercising the utmost care in our use of resources and cleaning agents and by disposing of our waste water in compliance with the highest environmental standards at all times.


Our employees, with their energy, drive, and motivation, are fundamental to the success of the TOI TOI & DIXI Group – and that includes the success of our sustainability efforts. That’s why comprehensive health and safety management is a top priority for us, enabling us to minimize risks and continuously optimize occupational safety. Ongoing training and professional development across all departments and units, as well as a lived and practiced corporate culture characterized by diversity and mutual respect, are the keys to building a collaborative environment in which everyone feels valued and appreciated.

For every location, we offer mobile hygiene and sanitation solutions that rival facilities of the kind normally found only in permanent buildings. What’s more, we’re committed to doing this in the least resource-intensive and most environmentally friendly way possible. For many years now, we have been constantly pushing ourselves to find ways of integrating sustainable processes into our own value chain. In 2022, we reached a key milestone in this journey when we moved to establish a systematic sustainability management system. In doing so, we have adopted a sustainability approach that goes far beyond mere resource conservation and waste avoidance and is based on three strategic pillars: products and services, the environment, and employees.

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Sustainability short report 2022

With our current sustainability short report we would like to inform you about how we anchor sustainability in the company, which sustainability processes and measures have already been integrated in the three pillars and which challenges we are currently facing and will face in the future.

Facts & Figures
  • 11.359.738 Services per year 11.359.738 Services per year
  • 314.717<br> toilet-<br>cabins 314.717
  • 25.292 Containers<br> 25.292 Containers
  • > 20 years service life > 20 years service life
Facts & Figures
  • 77.479.154<br>vehicle<br> km 77.479.154
  • 74.420 metric tons CO2 74.420 metric tons CO2
  • 210.443.700 l Fresh<br>water 210.443.700 l Fresh
  • 1.581.843.517 l water<br>savings 1.581.843.517 l water
Facts & Figures
  • 27 <br>Countries 27
  • 4.019 Employees 4.019 Employees
  • 1.941 service drivers 1.941 service drivers
  • 44 years <br>Ø-age 44 years