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Virussymbol Improved hygiene
to protect users
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Here at TOI TOI & DIXI, we are in the business of developing portable infrastructure and service solutions in the interests of creating efficient and hygienic environments and spaces. We deploy our mobile hygiene solutions and concepts wherever they are needed, providing a level of convenience normally only found in permanent buildings. And we attach great importance to conducting our business in a way that conserves resources and protects the environment. We strive to lead the way on sustainability. By constantly improving our products and services, by reducing the environmental impacts of our activities, and by providing a respectful and safe work environment for our employees, we are making an active contribution to sustainable development. We have come a long way in these areas since establishing a sustainability management system in 2022, and we are now documenting this progress in our sustainability report.

Products & Services

We are committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritize our customers' needs while ensuring sustainability. Our products are not only designed to be exceptionally durabile but also to offer the highest standards of hygiene. Manufactured in Germany, Italy, and the USA, we emphasize robustness from the initial development stages. To further enhance product sustainability, we increasingly use recycled materials and implement resource-efficient production methods. Our modular toilet cabins allow for the easy replacement of faulty parts, promoting repair over disposal. This modularity not only extends the lifespan of our cabins but also facilitates upgrades. For instance, we are gradually equipping older models with washbasins, which raises hygiene standards. Additionally, since only parts need to be manufactured rather than entire new cabins, we conserve valuable resources.


Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities. We are dedicated to reducing emissions and preventing pollution through innovative measures. One of our key initiatives is the transition of our service fleet to electric vehicles, significantly cutting our greenhouse gas emissions. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We continually analyze and improve every aspect of our value chain to maximize sustainability. Efficient and respectful use of natural resources is already an integral part of our core products. With their water-saving design and efficient material use, they effectively contribute to conservation our natural resources. Continuous research and implementation of new improvements help us further reduce our ecological footprint and minimize our energy, water, and chemical usage.


At TOI TOI & DIXI, our employees are the cornerstone of our success. To ensure our continued success, we recognize our responsibility to support their well-being, health, and professional development. We cultivate a work environment where everyone feels valued and has the opportunity to thrive. Potential risks are rigorously minimized through consistent and effective health and safety practices. By enhancing and optimizing our internal training programs, we promote ongoing education and skill development. Furthermore, we foster an open and appreciative corporate culture, ensuring every team member feels respected and empowered. By prioritizing these principles, we guarantee the long-term satisfaction and health of our employees, driving sustainable success for our company and the communities we serve.

Increasing the number of portable toilets with wash basins

45% of our portable toilets are already equipped with wash basins. We will increase this proportion year on year through targeted new construction and the retrofitting of existing portable toilets with wash basins.

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Greenhouse gas emissions in Scope comparison:

A total of 143.723 metric tons of CO2e have been emitted by our acitivities in 2023. By reducing the distance between service stops, increasing the share of electric service vehicles and promoting an efficient driving style we are working on lowering our direct (Scope 1) emissions.

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Download the current sustainability report here:

Sustainability factor longevity

TOI TOI® and DIXI® portable toilets have an average service life of more than 20 years.

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Turning old into new:

In order to achieve a circular material flow with our portable toilets, we collect end-of-life units and use them as raw materials for the production of new portable toilets.

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Electric service vehicles:

By progressively converting our vehicle fleet to low-carbon drives, especially electric drives, we are effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This commitment to sustainable transportation is a crucial step in our effort to minimize our environmental impact and promote a greener future.

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Water saving toilet cabins:

On average, 23.9 liters of water are required between the service intervals and hence for the total number of users per service interval. For comparison: a normal toilet requires around 3 liters of water for short flushes and around 7 liters for normal flushes. For the equivalent of uses that means our toilets outperform conventional toilets on water efficiency after as few as 8 uses.

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As a globally operating company, we are aware of our responsibility towards our international employees. Central to our sustainability strategy is the continuous reduction of accident rates, the enhancement of targeted training and development programs, and ensuring the satisfaction of our colleagues. By focusing on these core objectives, we aim to create a safer, more supportive, and fulfilling work environment for all our team members around the world.

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