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TOI TOI & DIXI Group Purchasing

Trusting, cooperative and fair - our collaboration with our suppliers

Welcome to TOI TOI & DIXI Group's purchasing department. We are the central function responsible for all strategic procurement processes and activities in our group of companies. Organisationally anchored in TOI TOI & DIXI Group GmbH, we manage the purchasing of all our affiliated companies, such as

  • all TOI TOI & DIXI Sanitary Systems companies
  • our 25 international companies
  • TOI TOI & DIXI Kunststofftechnik GmbH & TOI TOI & DIXI Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH
  • MEPS GmbH

What we work on

How we work

We are happy to provide our active as well as potential suppliers with all information about a cooperation. For example, our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase form the basis of the contractual relationship with the TOI TOI & DIXI Group. Soon you will also find further documents such as our Supplier Code of Conduct or the description of a possible supplier connection. If you are interested in supplying the TOI TOI & DIXI Group, you are welcome to send us your informative documents to the general contact address. This should include your range of products and services, unique selling propositions, quality management and financial stability. We will be happy to contact you directly after examining your possible needs.


General Conditions of Purchase

Our goals

  • We manage all TOI TOI & DIXI Group suppliers in partnership - to maximise their value.
  • To this end, we are continuously developing the TOI TOI & DIXI Group purchasing organisation towards optimal effectiveness & efficiency.

Our priorities

  • Optimisation of the entire procurement volume - with a consolidated supplier base
  • Holistic strategic sourcing - with solutions tailored to the requirements of each category
  • Simple, lean & automated procurement processes - as digital as possible

TOI TOI & DIXI Group Purchasing - partner for our suppliers

Code of Conduct for suppliers