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DIXI® again honored as "Brand of the Century"

Once again, DIXI® has been honored as "Brand of the Century" and immortalized in the new edition of the book of the same name. For almost 50 years - well, it's only 48 years - DIXI®, or the DIXI toilet, has been synonymous with mobile toilet cabins. In an extensive and transparent selection process, our DIXI® brand was chosen by a competent advisory board as the "Brand of the Century" in the product category "The Mobile Toilet". At the same time, the DIXI® brand received an entry in the anniversary edition of "German Standards - Brands of the Century 2022".
In this illustrated book, which is published every three years, ZEIT Verlag presents around 200 of the best-known German brands that everyone in Germany knows. And that includes our DIXI® brand. In the current edition, "Brands of the Century," which is available worldwide in German and English, ZEIT Verlag tells the exciting stories of Germany's leading brands in words and pictures, turning them into an impressive overall picture of Germany's economic strength.
You can read the excerpt on the history of DIXI® in "Brands of the Century" here as a PDF.