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First big appearance of our new TOI® HYGIENE+ toilet cubicle

Grandiose start for our TOI® HYGIENE+: On June 18 and 19, 2022, 66 of our youngest toilet cabins made their first appearance. Together with 9 TOI® WATER UP, they were on site in time for the Rammstein concert in Düsseldorf and were "inaugurated" by almost 40,000 fans. These were pleased about the special extra of the TOI® HYGIENE+: All parts of the booth that are touched during use are made of a plastic, which is provided with antimicrobial additives. This has been proven to actively reduce bacteria and viruses by >99.9% and break infection chains. These additives work around the clock and have been proven to reduce the number of germs on the surface. The technology is invisible and of course completely harmless to health. Thus, TOI TOI & DIXI offers reliable protection and additional hygiene with TOI® HYGIENE+. The effectiveness has been proven with ISO 22196 (measurement of antibacterial activity on plastic and other non-porous surfaces) for the individual parts.