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Virussymbol Improved hygiene
to protect users
Gendersymbol Privacy for
all genders
Schutzsymbol DIN EN 16194 COMPLIANT
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Mobile Toiletten für die private Baustelle mieten

Border crossings with the Czech Republic and Austria

February 2021

  • 35x toilet cabins
  • 14x room containers

Fast help for corona related border controls

TOI TOI & DIXI supports police with containers and mobile toilets at border crossings with the Czech Republic and Austria.

When fast action is required and a professional partner is needed - then you are on the safe side with TOI TOI & DIXI! With the announcement of the corona-related controls at the borders to the Czech Republic and Austria on Thursday, February 11, 2021, TOI TOI & DIXI formed a round-the-clock project team at short notice in order to be able to provide immediate support in case of need for heated accommodation containers and mobile toilet facilities. To protect against the contagious mutations of the coronavirus, the government then decided on Friday afternoon, February 12, 2021, to significantly tighten controls at border crossings with Bavaria. As TOI TOI & DIXI already proved to be a reliable partner for the provision of stay containers, sanitary containers and implementation of hygiene concepts in March 2020, both the federal and state police as well as the Bavarian border police resorted to solutions from TOI TOI & DIXI and initially ordered 14 room containers and 35 toilet cabins on Friday evening. The conversion of various room containers began immediately, so that the first border crossings could be equipped accordingly as early as 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. So that the container solutions of TOI TOI & DIXI can also be used as a control station, 3 windows were built into each room container and these were equipped with tables and chairs. Over the course of the weekend, further short-term orders for additional room containers and toilet cabins were placed for almost all administrative districts in Bavaria via TOI TOI & DIXI's 24/7 hotline. Professional service is also part of TOI TOI & DIXI's performance. To ensure that hygiene is maintained, TOI TOI & DIXI currently takes care of regular maintenance cleaning of the room containers and toilet cabins at all control stations, including the additional service of surface disinfection. Of course, the service of TOI TOI & DIXI always includes a comprehensive consultation, because only with the right service the customer is satisfied. At present, it is still unclear how long the limits will be controlled. But one thing is for sure: TOI TOI & DIXI will be at your side reliably and 24/7 even in case of short-term demand for room containers, stay containers, individual container solutions as well as sanitary containers, mobile toilets and comprehensive hygiene solutions.

Corona-related border controls with the Czech Republic and Austria

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Maintenance cleaning and surface disinfection by TOI TOI & DIXI