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Modular construction for a school canteen in Erkrath

Start of construction: March 2021 / Completion: May 2021

Facility for use as a school canteen or multi-purpose room, with kitchen, social room & sanitary facilities for 50 children.

Purchase by the customer

A new cafeteria in nine weeks - modular construction makes it possible

The perfect room solution from the expert

A new cafeteria in nine weeks - modular construction makes it possible
It was a tricky task for GS Sandheide in Erkrath: Since the elementary school on Schmiedestraße was bursting at the seams, a new school cafeteria had to be built in a short time that could accommodate 50 children, meet all safety, hygiene and comfort requirements - and could also be used as a multipurpose room. The professional solution came from HORI Bauservice GmbH: In spring 2021, the subsidiary of the TOI TOI & DIXI Group erected a building in container modular construction. The individual, flexible concept and the professional service convinced the clients. And the students were also enthusiastic. After only nine weeks of construction, they were able to use the bright and friendly rooms as a new meeting place and a place of well-being.

All requirements in view
When the request from the city of Erkrath came in September 2020, HORI Bauservice GmbH immediately started with the necessary planning steps. Everything from fire and noise protection requirements to modern lighting and ventilation concepts was included in the planning. Right from the start, they also had environmental protection in mind; thus, the plant was designed to be as energy-saving and low-emission as possible.

Turnkey handover
Between March and May 2021, eight to ten employees were on duty to deliver the custom-made modules, assemble them professionally and hand them over ready for use - including all sanitary and electrical installations as well as the heating and plant technology. "Thanks to the good preparation and experience of our team, everything went smoothly," says Michael Köhler, branch manager of HORI Bauservice GmbH. The result is a well-thought-out, compact yet spacious building complex including an entrance area, dining or multi-purpose room, warm-up kitchen with serving counter, and three restrooms for boys, girls and staff. A social room with a room for cleaning supplies is also part of the space available. In accordance with fire safety requirements, the rooms are equipped with fire extinguishers and safety signage.

Further use possible
Order fulfilled - at least for the current use. For the city of Erkrath as the client, however, the flexibility of the container construction method is also interesting in the long term. The offer from HORI Bauservice GmbH included the option of dismantling the cafeteria after a certain period of time if necessary and reassembling it at a new location in the city of Erkrath. Using the building several times instead of rebuilding it over and over again is certainly a good decision from the point of view of cost efficiency and sustainability.

A new cafeteria in nine weeks - modular construction makes it possible

Long term space solution from the expert
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HORI Bauservice GmbH