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Virussymbol Improved hygiene
to protect users
Gendersymbol Privacy for
all genders
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Mobile Toiletten für die private Baustelle mieten

Corona test station in Fürstenfeldbruck

October 2020

  • 2x black and white container
  • 2x TOI® CARE
  • 5x room container
  • 1x cash register/gatekeeper unit

Fast help - to the finished Corona test station in just a few hours

TOI TOI & DIXI - to the Corona test station in a few hours

TOI TOI & DIXI is the expert when it comes to the fast delivery of special hygiene solutions. Corona case numbers continue to rise rapidly. Corona test centers are needed in many places. Here you can trust in TOI TOI & DIXI! In Fürstenfeldbruck (Bavaria), a complete corona test station was recently realized within just a few hours: Early in the morning the phone rang. The Malteser Hilfsdienst e.v. urgently needed support. All requirements were clarified immediately and the construction of the Corona test station started the same afternoon. By 7 p.m., the complete system was ready for use. For the Corona test station 5 room containers were installed to ensure a high flow of test persons. 2 Construction Line black and white containers with integrated hygiene sluice ensure high safety standards. In combination with waste water tanks a perfect solution at almost any location. Via a gatekeeper container the registration for the test is coordinated and controlled. A special service from TOI TOI & DIXI: surface disinfection. Every day from Monday to Sunday, all surfaces of the test station are disinfected to provide additional protection against the Corona virus. Disposal of the liquids from the wastewater tanks is, of course, also part of the service. One product in particular is also indispensable at the most highly frequented test station in Bavaria: the mobile hand hygiene station TOI® CARE. Before entering the station, each test person must disinfect his or her hands. TOI® CARE is the ideal solution for this. With its compact dimensions, the practical hygiene tower is easy to transport and enables fast, safe hand cleaning. It can be set up flexibly in any location. With its large tank volume of 10 liters, a TOI CARE® provides up to 2,000 sprays and is therefore ideal for locations with a high volume of visitors.

Corona test station in Fürstenfeldbruck

Quick help from TOI TOI & DIXI
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TOI TOI & DIXI Sanitärsysteme GmbH Emmering

Daily surface disinfection from TOI TOI & DIXI