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Corona vaccination centre in Garmisch-Patenkirchen

December 2020

  • 4x Hallway container
  • 11x Mulitpurpose container

In just two days to the Corona Vaccination Centre


It is anticipated that Corona vaccinations will start in Germany from December 27. Once the vaccine is licensed, however, things need to move quickly. Proper preparation is key to ensuring that mass vaccination runs smoothly.

As with the Corona testing centers, you can rely on TOI TOI & DIXI for the vaccination stations. Within two days, TOI TOI & DIXI erected a container facility in Garmisch-Patenkirchen, Bavaria, which will serve as a vaccination center in the district in the future.

Due to the requirements of the state authorities and the tight schedule, there was no time to lose. Very quickly, a container facility with a total of 15 containers, four corridor units and 11 standard room containers, which were set up according to individual customer requirements, was created. The construction of the container facility took place in only one day. With the help of the fire department crane of the local fire department it was possible to work fast and uncomplicated. The substructure for the container system was prepared by the client, so that the containers could be placed quickly in the right place.

On the second day, the experts from TOI TOI & DIXI carried out the interior fittings and the electrical system inside the container facility. The handover of the finished container facility took place after only two days of construction! Now it is time to wait for the first vaccine doses.

Corona vaccination centre in Garmisch-Patenkirchen

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