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Major construction site Düsseldorf 

Project start March 2020

  • 3-storey complex
  • 16x room containers
  • 2x sanitary containers
  • 6x stair containers
  • 3x TOI® WATER

Always new, a growing container facility

TOI TOI & DIXI reacts flexibly to the wishes of the customer and the conditions on site

From the outside, container facilities appear rigid, immobile and inflexible. However, this is not always the truth, as TOI TOI & DIXI has proven in a construction project in Düsseldorf.

The container facility has grown continuously and has always adapted to the wishes and needs of the client. At the beginning of the first construction phase, the two-story facility consisted of five room containers, a Construction Line sanitary container D/H and an integrated stair container. Due to the limited space available, construction cranes were provided in order to keep the time and installation effort as low as possible and not to interfere with the construction site and adjacent road traffic. Despite the limited space, the great challenge was to develop a space-saving solution that met the customer's requirements. This could only be realized because all involved in the planning and realization process worked hand in hand.

After the initial construction progress, the construction cranes were removed, resulting in an expanded footprint for additionally required containers. Still, the limited space remained a challenge. Nine additional containers were added to the container facility to create a three-story facility in order to provide space for the offices of the construction management and the owner, as well as recreation rooms for the construction workers. The required six stair containers, which were added in the further construction phases, were special design of only five meters width and not as usual with six meters width.

The finished container facility includes a total of 18 room and sanitary containers. Among them, a Construction Line sanitary container D/H, a Construction Line shower / WC combi and two duo units with integrated WC.

The container system was constantly adapted to the requirements of the customer and the conditions on site. In concrete terms, this means that individual containers were replaced or newly delivered. During operation, a conversion of existing containers also took place, for example, the conversion of two individual containers to a duo system 6 x 5 meters to create a large office space.

This project clearly shows that TOI TOI & DIXI responds individually to the needs of the customer on site and develops pragmatic solutions with its own products.

Major construction site in Düsseldorf

TOI TOI & DIXI reacts flexibly to the wishes of the customer
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