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G7 Summit 2022 at Elmau Castle

May 2022 - July 2022

  • 109 Mobile toilets
  • 30 TOI® Care
  • 276 Sanitäry containers and multipurpose containers as well as tank solutions
  • 22 Refrigerated container
  • 20 Power generators
  • 30 Disinfection stations
  • 2 Big tents

G7 Summit: Six intensive weeks for TOI TOI & DIXI

Plenty of equipment for around 20,000 emergency personnel

The G7 summit at Elmau castle lasted for three days. A total of around 20,000 emergency personnel from the police, fire and rescue services were stationed around the venue. For them, but also for the politicians and all persons on site who are important for the success of such an event, TOI TOI & DIXI provided 276 sanitary and room containers as well as 2 large tents. The container solutions were used at a total of 42 locations. 170 air-conditioning units, 5,000 m of construction fencing, 12,000 m of barbed wire with over- and under-crawl protection and 1,4000 m of power cables were used. Some of the containers were located on the airfield above the castle. From here, the air service of the German Federal Police took off to pick up the G7 heads of state and government from the airport. For the sanitary infrastructure, 109 TOI® WATER UP toilet cabins and 30 TOI® CARE hand disinfection dispensers were provided. The support of the mobile toilets took place in a two-shift system during the G7 Summit. A 24/7 on-call service was available for 384 hours.

G7 Summit 2022 at Elmau

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